Since our opening in 1980, 3 Sigma has been offering customers worldwide a higher standard of pressure sensitive adhesives. Our goal at 3 Sigma is to provide customers with high-quality, reliable labels, tapes and graphics that stick for years to come.
  • Logo with NEW tagline, 3 Sigma Innovative. Creative. Reliable.

    3 Sigma Opens Its Doors

    3 Sigma opens the doors to its facility in Covington, OH and begins offering pressure sensitive diaper sealing tapes and label stock. At the time, the label stock was able to be converted into price marking labels.

    Fun fact: This was before barcodes! Every item in the store needed a price marking label.
  • inventory, large rolls on shelfs

    Operations Expanded

    Operations expanded to include manufacturing of pressure sensitive masking and strapping tapes for construction and home use.

  • apparel and textile removable, sticker that go on cloths and apparel

    New Technology Implemented!

    Up until 1989, 3 Sigma only used hot melt coaters. As the business continued to expand, so did the need for new technology. In order to better serve customers, 3 Sigma began using the emulsion coating assets for pressure sensitive label stock.

  • building 2, 3 Sigma outside view of 3 Sigma Building

    New Facility in Troy, Ohio!

    A new facility was built in Troy, OH. The new space was used to accommodate the company’s growth in staff, technology and hot melt and emulsion coaters.

  • solvent coaters, large from high up in the shop looking over machines

    Expansion for New Equipment

    3 Sigma acquired solvent coaters and doubled the size of the building to make room for the new coaters.

  • emulsion coater, large machines in the shop

    Emulsion Coater

    Purchased 80” emulsion coater.

  • neenah, neenah sitckers with bar codes

    Partners with Neenah Performance Materials

    3 Sigma partners with Neenah Performance Materials and their Neenah DISPERSA™ product line. This partnership will bring added value to our already strong line of Water Dissolvable products.

  • Global Graphic Resources logo, Building innovative business solutions

    Partners with Global Graphic Resources

    3 Sigma partners with Global Graphic Resources to further expand into the Graphic and Wide Format Market in North America. Together, we bring over 100 years of combined experience in the pressure sensitive films and media market. This partnership will allow us to meet the needs of even the most challenging applications.

  • slitter, material strung over rollers

    New Equipment Additions in the Works!

    3 Sigma is currently preparing space and mechanicals for the installation of new tape slitting equipment. A sheeter – which will allow for converting rolls to sheets – is being added to the equipment mix in mid-November. This will allow for 3 Sigma to control more processes in-house, bringing customers greater efficiency and faster lead times.

  • First Commercial Sheeting Order

    First Commercial Sheeting Order

    KSM-1100/1400/1700/1900 high precision double helix knife high speed roll paper sheet cutter machine apply the advanced technology of Germany and Italy , combining with the rich experience and leading manufacturing technology of our senior engineers to build and launch a new generation of sheet cutter equipment. This machine adopts double helix knife design , the edge of cutting paper is smooth without crude or powder . With the feature of high cutting precision make sure paper pile after cutting can be directly used on printing machines , which help to reduces the production cost and improve production efficiency. It is the most popular and ideal paper sheet cutting machine in paper processing and printing industry at present .



    Main specifications:

    Model KSM-1100/1400/1700/1900
    Sheet knife type Double rotary knife
    Thickness of paper 60-1000gsm
    Cutting precision The cutting length 1000mm:+-0.2mm
    Max cutting per min 300 m/min
    G.W 12000/16000/18000/20000 kg
    Pile height 1500mm Max
    Max.cutting speed 300m/min
    Cutting length 450-1450mm
    Max. roll diameter 1500mm for SM-1100 , 1800mm Max for SM-1400/1700/1900
    Unwinding roll number Standard roll:2roll
    Max. cutting width 1100mm/1400mm/1700mm/1900mm
  • “New Coating Capabilities”  Line #41 Commercialized

    “New Coating Capabilities” Line #41 Commercialized

    Line #41 Commercialized

    1.  65″ Solvent/Emulsion Adhesive Coating Technology
    2.  Siemens Drive Technology/Controls
  • Plant #2 Expansion – 1285 Archer Drive Troy, Ohio

    Plant #2 Expansion – 1285 Archer Drive Troy, Ohio

    Plant #2 Expansion / October 2020

    1. Hot-Melt Adhesive Coating
    2. Sheeting
    3. Graphic Fulfillment
    4. Research & Development
    5. Warehousing
  • Plant #3 Expansion – 3165 Wilson Rd. Lancaster, Ohio

    Plant #3 Expansion – 3165 Wilson Rd. Lancaster, Ohio

    Plant #3 Expansion / October 2020

    1. Solvent Adhesive Coating
    2. Emulsion Adhesive Coating
    3. Research & Development
    4. Warehousing

Moving Forward

Over the next 12-24 months you will see a new 3 Sigma emerge while we build upon our legacy technologies, capabilities and the values that have made us a leading specialty provider in our market. We successfully deliver solvent, hot melt and emulsion products –every day. Not only is our chemistry innovative, but our capabilities are utilized to develop unique, differentiated, higher margin, pressure sensitive materials and top coated products for our customers and their clients.