Product Videos

Sixty Seconds with 3Sigma Water Dissolvable/Heat Seal-able Pouch

3Sigma has become a market leader for our Water Dissolvable Product Line.  Our team has now developed a Heat Sealable Water Dissolvable Pouch.  This ergonomically benign pouch dissolves/disperses when agitated with water.  This new innovative design can be used in application such as Waste Water Treatment/ Chemical Manufacturers (Per Dose Pouch/ mitigating the risk of operator exposure to fine chemical particulates), Dry Food / Pharmaceutical Pouching (Sustainable Pouch/  and Horticultural Companies (All in one seed/fertilizer pouch) for easy planting.  These are just some examples of end product uses/ the product offers endless possibilities.

Sixty Seconds with 3Sigma Security & Tamper Evident Products

Each year product counterfeiting and theft cost the American Industry $200 Billion dollars annually. 3Sigma has worked diligently to develop a wide range of security solutions to help minimize the overall impact on our end-user customers.  3Sigma has commercialized many innovative security based products for the Food and Beverage, Industrial, and Retail Markets.  Contact our team today to discover more about this innovative product portfolio.

Sixty Seconds with 3Sigma Food Rotation Product Video

3 Sigma offers one of the most extensive lines of food packaging and food safety label-stocks in the industry. Our technology and manufacturing capability enable us to design and manufacture custom products that meet the exacting demands of food storage and preparation applications. Our adhesives are formulated to meet a wide range of temperature, moisture, humidity, and surface type variations. Our full line of products allows you to meet and service any of the needs your customers have for this very significant market.

Sixty Seconds with 3Sigma Top Coating Product Video

Since 1980, 3Sigma has built a strong reputation as a leader of innovative pressure sensitive adhesive products. However, 3Sigma also has a wide variety of specialty top coatings for many specific applications such as: Moisture Barriers, Heat-Seal, Rust Barriers, Food Safe/Contact and Print Receptive Top Coatings.

Sixty Seconds with 3Sigma Adhesive Tapes


3 Sigma provides innovative solutions for your stickiest applications. We have the expertise and industry knowledge to help companies create new higher­ margin products for their customers while reducing waste and total applied costs. No matter what industrial application arises, 3 Sigma meets the challenge with custom adhesive tapes and too-coated constructions for • Automotive • Nameplate • Appliance • Gasket • Security • Electronics • Aerospace • Construction • Medical/Pharmaceutical Products may be designed in self-wound or double sided configurations. Alternative constructions (adhesive tinting, coat weight or liners) may be available. Please contact customer service to discuss your specific needs.

3Sigma’s “Fitness for Use” Sales Approach


3Sigma has developed the “Fitness for Use” Sales Approach that differentiates our company from that of our competitors.  3Sigma does not limit our customers purchases to a sales brochure, but we formulate a combination of face, liner, and adhesive “Fit” specifically to our customers end application.   3Sigma has three adhesive technologies, Solvent, Emulsion, and Hot-Melt, which allows our team to choose an adhesive technology that “Fits” within our customers budgeted price point.