Products & Applications

  • Integrated Cards
  • Affixed Cards
  • Integrated Labels
  • Affixed Labels
  • Integrated Coupons
  • Affixed Coupons
  • Magnetic Materials
  • Overlaminates
  • Shelf Marking
  • Label Making

Features & Benefits

  • Custom designed lift patterns
  • Backside writable materials
  • “Clean Release” feature
  • Superior quality and clarity
  • Multiple functionality
  • Excellent converting and press performance
  • Immediate shipping from stock (Sigmature®)
SIGMATURE, roll of sigmature affixed splittable film cards

Custom and Specialty Tapes

3 Sigma provides innovative solutions for your stickiest applications.

We have the expertise and industry knowledge to help companies create new higher-margin products for their customers while reducing waste and total applied costs. No matter what industrial application arises, 3 Sigma meets the challenge with custom adhesive tapes and top-coated constructions for multiple application uses.

A Legacy of Innovative Tape Constructions

We can manufacture and supply very basic products such as hot melt adhesives between 2 liners for transfer purposes up to and including highly engineered custom tapes utilizing specialty liners with heavy coat weight acrylic, silicon, or phenolic based adhesives.

One of our industry strengths is offering unique or non-standard configurations that other companies are not willing to produce or support. If you need a unique width or if you need specialized roll lengths to meet your particular need, please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate you. In addition if you need a custom, private-branded product, we can work with you to develop a unique product that builds brand recognition for your company as well.

Typical Tape Markets/Applications

  • Automotive

  • Nameplate
  • Appliance

  • Gasket
  • Security

  • Electronics
  • Aerospace

  • Construction
  • Medical/Pharmaceutical

Universal Coupon, Standard corcle coupon film

Universal Coupon™

3 Sigma Universal Coupon Products are the industry leader in coupon technology.

The constructions of the Universal Coupon™ are press friendly and provide superior consistency throughout the converting process. The innovative, split-able designs allow the shopper or end‐user to “lift anywhere” for convenience and the residue‐free coupon minimizes handling issues for cashiers and redemption centers. We offer the widest range of products available in the industry to meet specific or difficult application requirements.

Why Buy Universal Coupon Products

  • Fifteen years of manufacturing expertise with over 100 Billion square inches sold
  • Superior bond consistency for repeatable, consistent application and removal

  • Utilized by over 350 converters worldwide
  • Excellent converting performance
  • No residue or leave-behind
  • Customer-friendly “lift-anywhere” design

  • Odorless formulation
  • Multiple designs available (Std. Circle, Tight Circle, Narrow Wavy, Wide Wavy patterns)

  • Available from Stock for immediate shipment
  • Multiple master widths available (20”, 30”, 40” and 54”)
  • Design patterns minimize tunneling on press

  • Coupon Film stock meets 21 CFR 177.1520 (a)(1) and (c)(1.1) – Federal FD&C
  • ALL adhesive formulations meet 21 CFR 175.105 of the Federal FD&C
SIGMATURE, roll of sigmature affixed splittable film cards


3 Sigma manufactures the industry standard for affixed splittable film cards and has been the industry leader for 20 years.

Sigmature® is a pressure sensitive product, comprised of two layers of .75 mil clear BOPP.  The two layers of BOPP are laminated with a non-pressure sensitive peel-able adhesive.  The Sigmature film can be mirror printed, then over laminated with a heavy weight card stock.  The card stock is printed in portrait orientation, and then die cut to 2.125 x 3.375” credit card sized labels.  Labels are then affixed to forms.  The Sigmature film allows the end user to peel the card from the form.  The back side of the card is non-pressure sensitive, and can be written on with a ball point pen.

3 Sigma now offers our superior Sigmature® products in multiple formats

“3 UP” enables you to print more efficiently and increase your press productivity by 50% and is available in both portrait and landscape configuration. Portrait orientation enables form manufacturers to produce card and form products that run more effectively at higher speeds and also fit newer affixing equipment running in landscape direction to increase their efficiency as well. As always, you get the proven reliability of Sigmature performance. Roll stock comes in the same 7.5” widths with the dry lift edge now running along the top and bottom of the card for easy release.

Popular Sigmature® Patterns

  • Sigmature® 2378 – Std 2 up Portrait Orientation

  • Sigmature® 4140 – 3 Up Portrait Orientation
  • Sigmature® 4222 – 3 Up Landscape Orientation

Note: Sigmature can also be produced in custom patterns as required for special sizes and jobs (subject to MOQ’s)

NEWSLABEL, news paper with sticker on it

NewsLabel and Repositionable Promotional Products

3 Sigma offers the most comprehensive line of repositionable adhesives and products in the industry.

We have products specifically designed for paper, film and vinyl that have been custom formulated for various surfaces as well. Most companies offer repositionable products, but only 3 Sigma offers the range of solutions needed to meet almost any easy or demanding application.

  • Microsphere / Ultra-removable Products
  • NewsLabels
  • MailLabels


Newspaper advertising, direct mail (inside & outside envelope), sunglasses, fine quality crystal and glassware, china, collectibles, retail books, calendars, wall decorations, wallpaper borders, label on a label, wall graphics, wide format graphics.


  • Easy to remove without leaving residue or damaging surface (particularly paper and glass)
  • Allow a label to be re-positioned multiple times on most surfaces while retaining the adhesive bond
  • Adhere to rigid product standards for the labeling requirements in numerous applications including:

    • US Postal Service
    • FDA (direct food contact)
    • CONEG (heavy metals)
    • American Society of Toy Manufacturers