3 Sigma offers one of the most extensive lines of food packaging and food safety label-stocks in the industry. Our technology and manufacturing capability enable us to design and manufacture custom products that meet the demands of food storage and preparation applications.

food segment, someone pulling wet wipes out of a resealable package

Re-Closure & Re-Seal Systems

3 Sigma offers an extensive line of package re-closure and package re-seal systems.

Anchor-Seal© and Lift-n-Lock®

For years, our Anchor-Seal and Lift-n-Lock products have proven a reliable and cost-effective method for sealing and re-closure of food and product bags throughout the global food marketplace. They provide a very flexible approach to bag and closure system design and they are an extremely competitive approach to zip-lock systems.

For wipes and tray closure products, 3 Sigma can provide the necessary face-stock and adhesives to fit the application whether it is a food grade product for products such as cookie or biscuit packaging to high end medical or industrial wipes that require durability and resistance to solvents or chemicals.

water disssolvable, labels that are disolving in water

Standard Water Dissolvable

3 Sigma offers a superior performing water-dissolvable construction that incorporates a 40# super calendared paper with our WD-1 adhesive. Many end-users are looking for a temporary label product that is environmentally benign or can be removed from substrates easily and economically. This product is perfectly suited for anything from food service trays with date coding to returnable containers requiring temporary identification or tracing.

Our construction has been optimally designed to provide the necessary performance and durability while in use and the ease of removal when products need to be washed and/or re-used. Both the paper and adhesive dissolve quickly and wash away easily in room temperature water.

Direct Thermal Water Dissolvable

A highly engineered version of our Water Dissolvable product specifically designed for Direct Thermal printers. In addition, it can also be printed on most web and sheet fed presses, including letterpress, flexography, and dry offset processes. The paper and the emulsion acrylic adhesive dissolve quickly in room temperature (or above) water.

Potential Applications

  • Food Tray marking & identification
  • Bottles (not subject to high levels of condensation)
  • Returnable containers
  • Temporary container/package for water soluble products

Please contact our Customer Service Dept. at (800) 347-3091 for more information or to place an order.

Food Safety & Rotation Water Dissolvable 40# WD / WD-1 / 40# Liner
Food Safety & Rotation Water Dissolvable 40# DTWD / WD-1 / 40# Liner

Maximum Durability,
Maximum Performance

Max-Duty is a premium product specifically engineered to work in a wide range of demanding environments associated with food storage and food preparation. From wide fluctuations in temperature and humidity to containers subject to soaps, detergents and grease, Max-Duty is your best answer to addressing those conditions. Starting with our 3 mil white Sigmaflex film, we add our industry leading acrylic removable to offer the optimum performance in multiple environments. Max-Duty is very aggressive and will stick well to a wide variety of containers and surfaces. However, when the label needs to be removed, it comes off easily and leaves no residual adhesive or ghosting that can attract germs or bacteria to your containers. We finish off the construction with a durable liner that protects the adhesive, allows for easy removal of the label itself and provides an excellent die-cutting surface.

Max-Duty & Max-Duty DT™

Direct Thermal Max-Duty
(Max-Duty DT™)

Our Direct Thermal version of Max-Duty gives you all the outstanding features of the standard product with the added function of Direct Thermal printability. The surface provides a very smooth face, medium to high sensitivity for printing and an extremely readable print characteristic so critical in food safety and rotation applications.

Food Safety & Rotation Max-Duty 3 mil Sigmaflex / A214 / 40#
Food Safety & Rotation Max-Duty DT 3 mil Sigmaflex DT / A214 / 40#