Products & Applications

  • Tamper Evident Tapes
  • Tamper Evident Polyart
  • Destructible Acetate
  • Taggant-modified Adhesives
  • Pigment-modified Adhesives
  • Block-out Coatings
  • RFID label stock
  • Specialized Paper and Film

Features & Benefits

  • Covert or overt security options
  • Protection of vital information
  • “Sealed-until-use” requirements
  • Evidence of tampering/substitution
  • Warrant Validation
  • Theft protection
  • Counterfeit protection
The amount of product counterfeiting and product theft cases has risen dramatically, and estimates of the cost to businesses in the American industry are as high as $200 Billion annually. Those who suffer most from this tragedy include electronics, videos and music, computer software and programming, textiles and automotive. Learn how 3 Sigma can help.
SIGMAGUARD 4, pad lock on top of credit cards


Sigmaguard is a cellulose acetate modified to allow the tear-strength to be varied to meet the customer’s exact needs.

When used as a label, seal or over-laminate, attached by an adhesive, the film is almost impossible to remove without easily noticeable damage to the film itself or to the surface to which it is attached.


  • Carton Closures– pharmaceuticals, foodstuffs
  • Overlamination– security passes, identity cards, passports
  • Indoor Anti-Vandal Signs– warning, information and direction signs


  • Security – Provides visual evidence of tampering to retail staff and consumers
  • Deterrent – Can be clearly marked as a tamper-proof seal/laminate to deter the tamper and increase the consumer’s confidence
  • Versatile- Easily processed and compatible with packaging and print materials
  • Highly Transparent – Ideal lamination of documents
  • Cost Effective – High level of security at a non-prohibitive cost