To our valued customer

Around the planet, the pandemic has caused major disruptions to trade, supply chains, and lead
times. The virus has thrown off the choreography of business to business transactions resulting in
material challenges within the pressure sensitive adhesive industry. The duration of these
supply chain challenges is currently unknown as the economy continues to recover. 3Sigma will
continue to monitor the situation and work diligently to keep our raw material supply chain secure
and fluid.

We are asking all customers to provide forecasting or blanketed purchase orders to your account
managers or customer service representatives. Having this information will provide our sourcing
group with the information needed to secure and continue to build a stable raw material supply
chain. 3Sigma is committed to serving our customer needs and will continue to provide you with
timely updates and transparency.

Thanks you for the continued support and contact our team with any further questions or needs.


Alan Addington

Marketing/Sales Manager