Custom Pattern Coating

Pattern coating black and white with vertical stripes on a web

Custom Pattern Coating

3 Sigma offers a diverse range of custom pattern coating capabilities. With the understanding that each application has its unique challenges, 3 Sigma works collaboratively with customers to design specific patterns that meet requirements.

Standard Pattern Coating Guidelines

3 Sigma can produce pattern adhesive products to various specifications, provided they follow the standard pattern coating guidelines outlined below. Exceptions can be made on a per-project basis.

50%Minimum Adhesive Coverage
≥3″Maximum Non-Adhesive Width
1/8″Minimum Non-Adhesive Width
3/8″Minimum Adhesive Strip Width
+/- 1/16″Pattern Tolerance (Hot-Melt Adhesive Technology)
+/- 1/8″Pattern Tolerance (Emulsion (Water-Based), Solvent)

To ensure pattern coating application success:

  • All pattern products are subject to technical review by 3 Sigma.
  • All pattern products require customer-approved drawings.
  • Not all facestock, adhesive, and liner combinations are available as pattern products.
  • Pattern products with over 3/4″ un-gummed widths usually are perforated on the release liner to relieve the trapping of air on the press.
  • Pattern designs do carry a setup fee.

To request a quote or inquire about custom adhesive pattern coating services, please contact 3 Sigma.