Technology & Equipment Capabilities

We don’t say no…
because we don’t have to!

3 Sigma’s coaters and manufacturing technologies are able to produce pressure sensitive products that meet precise specifications for end-use label and tape applications.

equipment 2, materials on rolls streched over rolls


Since our start in 1980, 3 Sigma has developed and refined our processes and material technology to provide customers with levels of service that our competition simply can’t match.Read More »
materials, rolls of tape for different uses


Specifying the right face-stock material is crucial for proper functionality in a label, tape, or custom/technical application. 3 Sigma works with both converters and suppliers to develop and source optimal performance materials.Read More »
adhesives sm, barrel drums


3 Sigma has the in-house capability to design and develop adhesive and coating products that meet fitness-for-use criteria specifically targeted for your application.Read More »
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3 Sigma is an ISO Certified company that is highly focused on processes and process consistency in order to ensure quality, reliability and customer satisfaction.Read More »
specialty construction, 2 large rolls on a amachine

Specialty Construction

For more than 30 Years, 3 Sigma has been the industry leader in highly specialized products in industrial, technical, medical/pharmaceutical, automotive, label-stock and tape markets.Read More »