Tamper Evident Labelstock

Blue tamper tape showing void verbiage

Tamper Evident Labelstock

As a leading manufacturer and supplier of custom tamper evident labelstock, 3 Sigma provides various options for brand protection, product security, and tamper evidence. Product counterfeiting and theft result in the loss of billions of dollars annually for many industries. These tamper evident products offer sustainable solutions to deter product counterfeiting and theft without compromising security.

3 Sigma’s engineering team has designed numerous products to fit unique brand owner requirements. These solutions range from relatively simple items such as destructible films and papers to more complex products like pigment or taggant modified adhesives. Details can be found in the Security and Tamper Evident data sheet (PDF).

3 Sigma’s offerings include 4 product lines, with details below:

  • Sigmaguard
  • 4 Mil Polyart TE®
  • SigmaKoat TE


Small white box with white metal and white label on the tab

Sigmaguard™ is a cellulose acetate modified to allow the tear strength to be varied to meet the customer’s exact needs. When used as a label, seal, or over-laminate, attached by an adhesive, the film is almost impossible to remove without easily noticeable damage to the film itself or the surface to which it is attached.


  • Highly frangible/destructible
  • Offers good printability
  • Highly transparent
  • Made from sustainable wood pulp


  • Security – Provides visual evidence of tampering to retail staff and consumers
  • Deterrent – Can be clearly marked as a tamper-proof seal/laminate to deter the tamper and increase the consumer’s confidence

Typical Applications

  • Carton Closures– pharmaceuticals, foodstuffs
  • Over-Lamination– security passes, identity cards, passports
  • Indoor Anti-Vandal Signs– warning, information, and direction signs

4 Mil Polyart TE®

Polyart® is a polyethylene film, destructible by delamination for tamper-evident labels. Once applied to the packaging, it delaminates and shreds at the first attempt to remove, proving that the product has been tampered with. Polyart TE combines excellent tamper-evident capability with exceptional printing and converting performance.


  • Highly durable
  • Offers good printability
  • Temperature resistant -76 °F to 140 °F
  • Thermal Transfer Printable
  • Excellent dimensional stability


  • Exceptional printing with all conventional print methods
  • Highly accurate die-cutting at high speed
  • Good automatic dispensing characteristics
  • Reduced waste/higher efficiency compared to many destructible films

Typical Applications

  • Carton Closures – pharmaceuticals, foodstuffs
  • Over-Lamination – security passes, identity cards, passports
  • Indoor Anti-Vandal Signs – warning, information, and direction signs

Tamper Evident Tapes

Tamper evident tape with grey background and void showing

The need for security in consumer and industrial goods packaging requires innovative products that provide protection and show evidence of tampering. 3 Sigma offers a time-tested, high-quality range of constructions that meet that need. These tamper evident products have multiple potential uses for various applications and can be customized to meet your specific requirements.


  • Durable polyester facestock
  • Custom widths and roll lengths
  • Custom colors, logos, messaging
  • Available in a non-residue and residue custom construction


  • Ability to design a proprietary customer design product
  • Usable in a wide array of applications and situations
  • Offers excellent tamper evidence for brand security
  • Offers excellent protection for sensitive products

Typical Applications

  • Carton/box closures
  • Box sealing luxury goods
  • Chemical drum, hazardous labeling
  • Warranty sealing
  • Indoor anti-vandalism signs

SigmaKoat TE

Finger picking at SigmaKoat destructible film label

SigmaKoat TE is a line of destructible films with both covert and overt features for security label applications. The custom-formulated topcoat improves print quality and durability. With multiple constructions available, the product provides high levels of adhesion to many surfaces, allowing the face stock to delaminate to show tamper evidence easily.


  • Excellent thermal receptivity with specified ribbons
  • Highly versatile top coating
  • Easy to die-cut and matrix strip
  • Hand and machine auto dispensable
  • Temp range of -40 °F (-40 °C) to 176 °F (80 °C)


  • Superior thermal transfer print quality
  • Compatible with UV, Flexo, screen, letter press printing
  • Efficient converting, reducing scrap and cost

Typical Applications

  • Appliances
  • Automotive
  • Electronics
  • Medical & Pharmaceutical
  • Warehousing
  • Software

Call for availability, minimum order requirements and pricing.

What is Tamper Evident Labelstock?

Tamper evident labelstock shows when the material has been removed from where it was originally applied. Usually this displays a highly visible warning, such as showing the word “VOID”, when the tape has been tampered with.

Tamper Evident Labelstock Terminology

Tamper evident products have many different names that are used in the tape/adhesives industry. Tamper evident labelstock is also called:

  • Void labels
  • Void evident labels
  • Void stickers
  • Tamper evident labels
  • Tamper evident stickers
  • Tamper proof labels
  • Tamper proof stickers
  • Tamper seals
  • Security labelstock
  • Security seal stickers
  • Tamper evident security labels
  • Tamper resistant labels
  • Tamper resistant stickers
  • Warranty void stickers

To request a quote / purchase tamper evident products, please contact 3 Sigma.