3 Sigma is continuously working to develop and refine our processes and material technology so that we can provide customers with superior quality and service that our competition simply can’t match.

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Solvent Coater


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3 Sigma’s Coating Versatility

With multiple coating lines and methods, our manufacturing line is able to produce a wide range of adhesive coatings, allowing us to give our customers top-of-the-line products, service and results. Our associates are specially trained to handle a considerable number of job changeovers and setups in order to rapidly meet custom product production in a very short amount of time.

3 Sigma is one of the few companies who offer Hot-Melt, Emulsion and Solvent based adhesives. We pride ourselves on being named one of the most versatile manufactures in the pressure industry.

Our Equipment Specializations

  • Hot melt adhesive coatings range from 3” to 20” web width (6 coating lines)
  • Solvent-based adhesive coatings from 10” to 65” web width (2 coating lines)
  • Emulsion-based adhesive coatings from 10” to 80” web width (4 coating lines)
  • Specialty coatings (depending upon formulations) from 3” to 80” web width
  • 4 slitters ranging from 42” to 80” width, 2 re-winders (16” and 24” max width)
  • Pattern Coating for gummed and dry areas as narrow as ¼” with 1/16” tolerance
  • Dual-adhesive coatings on the same web (constructions with 2 different adhesives)
  • Specialty formulations and compounding for a wide range of applications
    Multiple coating process technologies: gap, slot die, Mayer rod, gravure
What does our versatility mean to you?

More Design Options


Faster Lead Times


Increased Opportunities

We strongly believe that the key to success in most markets today is to be innovative and quick in production – without sacrificing quality. We help our customers achieve this by being reliable, consistent and providing top-notch customer service.