Specialty Construction

Specialty Construction, Custom Projects

3 Sigma’s facility, equipment, and processes are all designed specifically to handle unique and differentiated constructions and products. 3 Sigma’s associates throughout the organization are educated in skills and techniques that facilitate rapid turnaround, fit-for-use products, and exceptional levels of customer service. It is the culture and capability of the company that sets us apart from many in the industry.

3 Sigma’s products allow customers to manufacture and sell solutions that provide good margins throughout the value chain or, in many cases, offer the lowest total applied cost throughout the converting or manufacturing process. This, in conjunction with a rapid prototype or trial stage, allows customers to beat the competition with a better solution.

A sampling of 3 Sigma’s specialty capabilities:

  • Custom adhesives
  • Microsphere adhesives
  • Unique or exotic face stocks and liners
  • Adhesive additives, pigmentation, or security features
  • Custom cast films
  • Dual adhesives on the same web
  • Ability to pattern coat on all coating machines
  • Dual face-stocks on the same web
  • Multiple coatings in single pass processing
  • Multiple coating processes (Slot Die, Mayer Rod, Gap/Roll, Gravure)
  • Splittable films/ultra-removable products
  • Dissolvable stock and adhesive technology

To request a quote or purchase specialty construction products, please contact 3 Sigma.