Silicone Adhesive

Drum with silicone -based adhesives

Silicone Adhesives

Silicone adhesive is engineered using silicone polymers and, although it has low initial tack, builds up a strong bond over time to a variety of substrates. It adheres to numerous surfaces, including metals, plastics, and foams. It also bonds well to low surface energy materials. Silicone adhesives feature superior thermal stability without losing shear and tack properties and are suited for high temperatures. This technology is exceptionally resistant to moisture, weathering, and chemicals, leaving behind a minimal residue when removed. Ideal applications for silicone adhesives are within the automotive, medical, electrical, construction, and aerospace industries. Silicone is also excellent for use on flexible substrates.

3 Sigma offers S80 and SS1 adhesives. S80 features high heat resistance, a solid bond to multiple substrates, and resistance to moisture, weathering, and chemicals. SS1 is 3 Sigma’s most durable silicone as it can withstand the most comprehensive range of temperatures, moisture, and weathering.

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