Custom Labels and Labelstock

7 rolls of custom labels

Custom Labels and Labelstock

3 Sigma offers many custom label features and technologies to make customers’ products stand out. These include permanent, removable, seal/reseal technologies and adhesive additives, pigmentation, and security features. Popular applications include shelf-marking, brochures, medical, clear-on-clear, autoclave, outdoor, automotive, tamper-evident, RFID, and water dissolvable labels. 3 Sigma has manufactured custom labels to withstand environmental conditions, provide counterfeit and theft protection, and maintain long-term durability and product life.

Every application is different – that’s why 3 Sigma recognizes the importance of creating a custom label that meets exact specifications. 3 Sigma works closely with customers to develop a comprehensive understanding of the application and converting process. This allows 3 Sigma to address print quality, die-cutting, matrix stripping, and label application, as they pertain to the individual customer.

5 yellow labelstockrolls with RFID in the middle

Custom Label Technical Information

Carrier / Facestock:

  • Water Dissolvable Direct Thermal/Regular
  • Seal/Reseal (Available in Permanent/Permanent, Permanent/Removable and Ultra-Removable)
  • Destructible Acetate
  • Direct Thermal
  • Polyimide
  • Destructible Polypropylene
  • High-Temp Polyester

To request a quote / purchase custom labels and labelstock, please contact 3 Sigma.