Water-Based/Emulsion Adhesives

Chemist holding a beaker with blue liquid

Water-Based/Emulsion Adhesives

Water-based adhesives, also called emulsion adhesives, combine chemically balanced acrylic polymers, surfactants, and other additives. This formulation is coated onto a web, and while it dries, the polymers and other additives semi-coalesce to create the adhesive layer. This type of adhesive is very environmentally friendly, highly durable, and exhibits a strong bond. Water-based adhesives feature moderate low and room temperature performance and moderate humidity resistance

3 Sigma’s water-based adhesive is ideal for packaging, tapes, labels, nonwovens, mounting films, and food-contact surfaces..  3 Sigma can coat web widths up to 80”. 3 Sigma’s top permanent water-based adhesives include PE3, PE21, and AT2000. The top removable water-based adhesives include RE3, RE5, and RE8. The top repositionable water-based adhesives are REP4 and REP16.

Water-Based/Emulsion Adhesives Key Features:

  • Environmentally friendly, low VOC
  • Good initial adhesion and strong bond
  • Good plasticizer resistance
  • Low temperature and moderate humidity resistant
  • Highly durable

Applications for Water-Based/Emulsion Adhesives:

  • Packaging
  • Tapes
  • Labeling
  • Mounting films
  • Food labeling

To inquire about water-based/emulsion adhesives, please contact 3 Sigma.