Custom Release Liners

Grey printed release liner rolls

Custom Release Liners

3 Sigma custom release liners are designed and manufactured to perfectly suit specific customer applications. Release liner substrates may be paper or film, such as super calendared papers, clay-coated Kraft papers, polyethylene-coated papers, polyesters, and polypropylenes. 3 Sigma works with various grades and configurations of liners to ensure actual performance and application needs are met. A broad range of release values is offered to fit unique applications.

3 Sigma’s offerings include 4 release liner materials, with details below:

  • Polypropylene/BOPP Release Liners
  • High-Density Polyethylene/HDPE Release Liners
  • Polyester/PET Release Liners
  • Paper Release Liners

Custom Release Liners Technical Information

Rolls with blue and red release liners

Polypropylene / BOPP Release Liners

When the application calls for a high strength release liner, polypropylene release liners provide:

  • Increased strength due to the biaxial orientation
  • Different thicknesses to fit your specific needs
  • Standard transparent or opaque white
  • Standard as well as custom printing…you decide
  • Metalized anti-static polypropylenes available

High-Density Polyethylene / HDPE Release Liners

When the application requires a release liner with extra strength and durability, high-density polyethylene release liners are often recommended. HDPE release liners are available with:

  • Different thicknesses
  • Natural and color-based films
  • Silicone coated on one or two sides
  • Standard and custom printing

Polyester / PET Release Liners

In addition to extra strength, flexibility, and degree of customization, 3 Sigma’s polyester release liners provide the highest degree of heat resistance of all plastic release liners. PET release liners are available with:

  • Different thicknesses for increased design flexibility
  • Standard or custom printing
  • Metalized anti-static polyester
  • Silicone coated on one or two sides

Paper Release Liners

Paper release liners give the flexibility and ease of use necessary aspects of cost containment in today’s fast-paced and demanding production environment. Paper release liners are available with:

  • A release value to match the application, from easy to tight
  • Standard and custom printing
  • Silicone coated on one or two sides
  • 42# and 53# paper weights

To request a quote / purchase custom release liners, please contact 3 Sigma.