Adhesives / Custom Adhesive Formulations

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Adhesives / Custom Adhesive Formulations

For more than 30 Years, 3 Sigma has been the industry leader in highly specialized adhesive products used in industrial, technical, medical/pharmaceutical, automotive, label-stock, and tape markets. 3 Sigma’s product development specialists are experts in functional use and chemical formulation of adhesive and coating technologies. These in-house mixing capabilities allow 3 Sigma to produce specialty compounds for low volume and high volume needs. How does this benefit customers? Benefits include:

  • Shorter lead times for custom products
  • Greater flexibility in meeting volume or application requirements

3 Sigma is one of the few companies that offer three significant types of adhesives (or coatings).

Because 3 Sigma is not limited to certain products offered by the major adhesive producers, a broader range of modifications can be offered to customers. These modifications include but are not limited to pigmentation, security features, etc.

3 Sigma does not try to fit the application into an existing range of offerings. Instead, 3 Sigma works to find or develop the product that fits the needs of the application.

3 Sigma’s formulations allow for flexibility and ease of use for all customers. Adhesive offerings include:

  • Permanent adhesives for long-term adhesion of critical product identification or information
  • Removable adhesives for temporary adhesion requiring clean peel-off with no residue
  • Repositionable adhesives for either frequent peel-off and re-stick or protection of sensitive, delicate substrates

3 Sigma also offers a wide range of coatings and additives for print reception, protection, or unique properties, such as conductivity, anti-microbial and anti-static.

Custom Adhesive Projects

3 Sigma’s facility, equipment, and processes are designed to handle unique and differentiated constructions and products. Many members throughout the organization are educated in skills and techniques that facilitate rapid turnaround, fit-for-use products, and exceptional levels of customer service. It is the culture and capability of the company that sets it apart from many in the adhesives industry.

3 Sigma products allow customers to manufacture and sell solutions that provide good margins throughout the value chain or, in many cases, provide the lowest total applied cost throughout the converting or manufacturing process. This, in conjunction with a rapid prototype or trial stage, allows customers to beat the competition with a better adhesives solution.

A sampling of 3 Sigma’s specialty adhesives capabilities includes:

  • Custom adhesives
  • Microsphere adhesives
  • Unique or exotic facestocks and liners
  • Adhesive additives, pigmentation, or security features
  • Custom cast films
  • Dual adhesives on the same web
  • Ability to pattern coat on all coating machines
  • Dual facestocks on the same web
  • Multiple coatings in single pass processing
  • Multiple coating processes (Slot Die, Mayer Rod, Gap/Roll, Gravure)
  • Splitable films/ultra-removable products
  • Dissolvable stock and adhesive technology

Lab for custom adhesive project work

To inquire about custom adhesives, please contact 3 Sigma.