Health & Beauty / Pharmaceutical

Store with shampoo bottles, labels, and vials plus 3 examples

Medical, Pharmaceutical, Health, and Beauty Products

3 Sigma’s experience in designing unique constructions for these demanding markets has resulted in specialized tapes, security products, multi-layered labels, specialized forms, signature tabs, and many other products. With the addition of its solvent adhesive and manufacturing capability, 3 Sigma now offers even higher-performing constructions for chemical, oil, or lotion applications requiring the adhesive to perform under adverse conditions or where excellent label clarity is needed.

Products / Applications

  • Squeezable/conformable BOPP
  • Clear on clear labels
  • Autoclave labels
  • Specialty tapes
  • Booklet or brochure format labels
  • Medical instrument labels
  • Signature tabs
  • Medical or insurance form cards

Benefits / Features

  • Multiple adhesive technologies
  • Brand security technology
  • Durability and long life
  • Tight pattern tolerance for exacting specifications
  • Rapid turnaround for rush situations

Details can be found in the 3 Sigma Health & Beverage / Pharmaceutical Brochure (PDF).

To request a quote or purchase products, please contact 3 Sigma.