Pressure Sensitive Adhesives

Blue colored adhesive rolls

Pressure Sensitive Adhesives

3 Sigma is a leading manufacturer of specialty pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) products, with offerings that include three adhesive systems: hot melt, water-based/emulsion, and solvent. 3 Sigma’s diverse range of coating lines and methods provide a wide range of manufacturing flexibility necessary to meet the demands of the industry. 3 Sigma offers an extensive line of proprietary adhesive products extending into various markets and industries. 3 Sigma’s key markets are food and beverage, industrial/technical, business forms, tamper-evident, and medical. 3 Sigma’s product development specialists are highly skilled in designing the proper combination of product attributes and functional features that will ensure optimal product performance.

3 Sigma offers multiple adhesive technologies, including acrylic, rubber, urethane, silicone, and phenolic, and offers in-house custom adhesive formulations. Each of these highly specialized adhesive systems has its own unique bonding characteristics.

Adhesive PropertyRubberAcrylicSilicone
CostLowestMed/HighVery High
Temp ResistanceLowHighVery High
Solvent ResistancePoorGoodExcellent
UV ResistancePoorExcellentExcellent
Plasticizer ResistancePoorModerate/GoodExcellent
Low-Surface Energy MaterialsExcellentPoor/ModeratePoor
High-Surface Energy MaterialsExcellentExcellentModerate

The highly experienced team at 3 Sigma will work collaboratively to meet the very exacting needs and specifications of each project. The team examines each project’s stringent requirements and seeks new, innovative ways to meet the current and future needs of the pressure sensitive adhesive market.

Hot melt adhesive yellow stacked cubes

Hot Melt Adhesive

Chemist holding a beaker with blue liquid

Water-Based/Emulsion Adhesive

Batch tanks with black knobs for solvent-based adhesives

Solvent-Based Adhesive

Chemistry for permanent adhesives

Permanent Adhesive

thick yellow liquid for rubber -based adhesives

Rubber Adhesive

Peeling removable adhesive from window

Removable Adhesive

Blue or clear molecules that make repositionable adhesives

Repositionable Adhesive

Drum with silicone -based adhesives

Silicone Adhesive

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