Transfer Tape / Transfer Adhesive

3 rolls silver transfer tape

Transfer Tape / Transfer Adhesive

3 Sigma’s transfer tape is an unsupported adhesive film coated on a release liner that has a release coat on both sides. Transfer tape offers good conformability to irregular surfaces and is available in many different slit widths and lengths. 3 Sigma’s transfer tape is resistant to solvents and elevated temperatures and bonds well to various substrates, including metals, plastics, foams, and low surface energy materials. 3 Sigma can manufacture custom transfer tapes with different liner combinations and releases.

Transfer Tape Technical Information

Adhesive Chemistry:

  • Acrylic
  • Rubber

Release Liner:

  • Paper
  • Film

Transfer Tape Standard Products Technical Information

Transfer tape roll with two-layer construction diagram

3 Sigma’s transfer tape is available in some standard configurations; the most common are shown below. Custom transfer tape made to customer specifications is also available.

Product #Adhesive ChemistryTape ConstructionCarrier / Face StockRelease LinerSubstratesTape Thickness
M9438500P00AcrylicUnsupportedUnsupportedPaperPlastic, Metal7 – 9 Mil
M6554050S00Hot Melt RubberSupportedUnsupportedPaperFoam, Plastic, Metal6.5 – 7.5 Mil

To request a quote / purchase transfer tape, please contact 3 Sigma.