Custom Tape

Custom tape 9 rolls many colors

Custom Tape

3 Sigma provides innovative solutions for the stickiest custom tape applications.

3 Sigma has the expertise and industry knowledge to help companies create new higher-margin products for their customers while reducing waste and total applied costs. No matter what industrial tape need arises, 3 Sigma meets the challenge with custom adhesive tapes and top-coated constructions for multiple application uses.

A Legacy of Innovative Tape Constructions

3 Sigma can manufacture and supply fundamental products such as hot melt adhesives between 2 liners for transfer purposes, including highly engineered custom tapes utilizing specialty liners with heavy coat weight acrylic, silicon, or phenolic-based adhesives. But its industry strength is offering unique or non-standard configurations that other companies are unwilling to produce or support. If a unique width or specialized roll lengths is needed, 3 Sigma does its best to accommodate. In addition, if you need a custom, private-branded product, 3 Sigma often works with customers to develop unique, private-branded tape products that build brand recognition.

Custom Tape Technical Information

Adhesive Chemistry:

  • Acrylic
  • Rubber
  • Silicone

Release Liner:

  • Paper
  • Film


  • Tissue
  • Paper
  • Film
  • Woven/Non-woven

Adhesive Additives:

  • Pigmenting
  • Optical Brightener
  • Fiberglass Fibers
  • Taggants

Custom Tape Standard Products Technical Information

3 Sigma’s custom tape is available in some standard configurations; the most common are shown below. Custom tape made to customer specifications is also available.

Product #Adhesive ChemistryTape ConstructionCarrier / FacestockRelease LinerSubstratesTape Thickness
R586C903BI3AcrylicUnsupportedFilmPaperFoam, Plastic, Metal, Paper10 – 12 Mil
R943L506S90AcrylicUnsupportedFilmPaperFoam, Plastic, Metal, Paper7.5 – 9 Mil
P3033MCKAcrylicUnsupportedFilm or PaperPaperFoam, Plastic, Metal, Paper9.5 – 11 Mil

To request a quote / purchase custom tape, please contact 3 Sigma.