Toll Coating

3 Sigma’s toll coating lines

Toll Coating

3 Sigma offers industry-leading toll coating services, developing value-added relationships and collaborations with market leaders seeking partners to co-develop and validate new innovative products for existing or new market segments. 3 Sigma’s technical flexibility, creativity, market intimacy, and experiences are perfect for companies looking for ways to reduce scale-up and product commercialization time and cost.

3 Sigma brings more to value-added toll coating through:

  • Chemistry: 3 Sigma has vast expertise in hot melt, emulsion, and solvent chemistry and continue to invest in new chemistries such as topcoats.
  • Manufacturing Process: 3 Sigma’s manufacturing process capabilities include slot die, Mayer rod, precision roll and gravure coating.
  • Functional Expertise: 3 Sigma has a legacy of creating diverse products that are permanent, removable or repositionable for use across several industries.
  • Equipment Capabilities: Continual investment in coating and slitting capabilities.
  • Relationship Approach: Through its unique stage-gate process and relationship approach, 3 Sigma helps customers and partners accelerate the capture of market opportunities, helping overcome human capital or financial constraints that would slow the commercialization of new products.

3 Sigma’s Toll Coating / Contract Coating Services

3 Sigma’s toll coating services, also called contract coating services, are extensive and varied. 3 Sigma currently has customers that use toll coating services for adhesives, while others use top coating services like barrier coatings and functional coatings. Some customers provide all components (face, liner, adhesive) while others provide a mix and match of face, liner or adhesives. Whatever the combination, 3 Sigma can customize its toll coating services to match what the customer needs.

To request a quote or inquire about toll coating services, please contact 3 Sigma.