Research & Development

Dosing and filling vials with clear liquid

Research & Development

3 Sigma is a large enough company to handle major projects and volume requirements, yet small enough to be nimble and responsive. With over 35 years in business and a combined 250 years’ experience from 3Sigma’s technical and manufacturing staff, our team can provide their customers with the innovation and developmental expertise they need.

3 Sigma’s Investment in R&D

3 Sigma’s research and development staff has a diverse background in coating and adhesive product and process development. Their wealth of experience has helped 3 Sigma develop a unique and collaborative approach to product development, which ensures goal alignment and a superior experience for their customers.

3 Sigma’s solvent, emulsion and hot melt chemistry and manufacturing capabilities are utilized every day to create innovative more profitable products for their customers, helping them to capture additional market opportunities, reduce waste and production costs and increase output.

Custom Product Development

It’s the phrase that defines 3 Sigma. The vast majority of what we manufacture is custom. 3 Sigma understands that there isn’t a “one size fits all” approach to adhesives, which is why they work with their customers and end-users to analyze an application, look at the requirements and the operating environment, and then design a product that will perform optimally in those conditions. If it requires a new or “non-standard” face-stock, a special release liner, or even a uniquely formulated adhesive, that’s what 3Sigma will formulate.

Complex Solutions

Partnering with their clients is what drives 3 Sigma’s products from being “good” to “great.”

Through their engagement process 3 Sigma begins to gain a deep understanding of their customer’s converting processes, which allows them to avoid any issues with print quality, die cutting, matrix stripping and label or product application methods.

3 Sigma experiments with new materials, developS new processes, modifies equipment and adhesives or topcoats to help their customers achieve their goals.

Pilot or Ramp-Up Projects

3 Sigma has a “can-do” attitude and a wide range of coating capabilities to fit customers’ projects.

Diversified Solutions

3 Sigma has twelve production lines covering a wide range of capabilities: 3”to 80” web widths and multiple adhesive technologies and coating technologies to process those materials. 3 Sigma’s wide range of capabilities allows them to generate one of the most diversified arrays of solutions in the coating/laminating industry.

When asked if 3 Sigma has a pilot coating capability, they responded “yes, there are twelve”. 3 Sigma’s philosophy is that each piece of coating and finishing equipment will function for pilot and start-up production straight through high volume, on repeat runs. This allows 3 Sigma to shorten the production cycle and have the highest degree of consistency and reliability with pilot and production materials.

3 Sigma is known for solving complex product requirements. 3 Sigma strives to:

  • Make products better and more valuable
  • Use experienced teams for in-house formulation and testing
  • Provide a superior customer experience

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