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SigmaSeal Tamper Proof Labels / Food Security

SigmaSeal offers an inexpensive way to deter food tampering while being delivered to the end user/customer. Depending on the end use of the face stock, 3 Sigma offers matte and gloss finishes. The face stocks have been designed to fray and tear when being tampered with and the adhesive can…
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Letter from our President / COVID 19 Operational Update

March 23, 2020 Dear Valued Customer, The situation with COVID-19 continues to change by the day, and its impact is being felt across every industry, including ours. Our facilities, including our factories in Ohio, are continuing to operate as normal. Our goal remains, as ever, to support your business to…
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Hologram Label

Sixty Seconds with 3Sigma Security & Tamper Evident Products

Each year product counterfeiting and theft cost to American Industry $200 Billion dollars annually. 3Sigma has worked diligently to develop a wide range of security solutions to help minimize the overall impact on our end-user customers.  3Sigma has innovative security based products for the Industrial, Retail, and Food Industry.  Contact…
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3Sigma’s Quarterly Tech Talk / Adhesive Technologies

3Sigma’s adhesives are being utilized in many different market segments: Industrial, Business Forms, Food & Beverage, Health & Beauty, Graphics, Automotive and Medical. Each application has its own specific adhesive function so choosing the right adhesive technology is crucial. The advantage in working with 3Sigma is that we offer three…
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3Sigma Mounting Films

3Sigma builds a variety of mounting films specifically created to be used in double sided or single sided printing applications. The mounting films are designed to be adhered to printed media to function as a pressure sensitive graphic. 3Sigma also builds a wide variety of specialty mounting films designed specifically…
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3Sigma’s All Temperature Adhesive

AT-2000 is an all temperature adhesive developed for optimal balance of room temperature and low temperature performance. It adheres to a wide variety of materials including polyolefins, PET, PP and corrugated. Excellent adhesion for 3 Sigma’s Circle Coupon applications. GENERAL ADHESIVE INFORMATION Type: Acrylic Emulsion Polymer Adhesive Coat Weight: 13…
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3Sigma’s “New” BlockOut Adhesives

Is your company searching for an innovative Block Out Adhesive?  3Sigma is now producing a Black, White, Grey and a custom color of Block Out adhesives that will be a great addition to your product portfolio.   3Sigma’s innovative Block-Out formulations are a great solution when 100% opacity is needed for…
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Quarterly Tech Talk “Dyne Levels”

What are dyne levels? A dyne level is the measurement of surface energy. Surface tension is measured in energy units called “dynes/cm”. The ability of a substrate, coating, ink, or adhesive to adhere is directly related to its surface energy. So how does one evaluate the dyne level? A dyne…
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Tech Talk

Are you currently experiencing labels that are lifting away from your product or substrate? Lifting can give your customer or consumer a false perception of the quality of your product and could potentially lead to a bad brand image. It is very important to get to the bottom of what…
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